Wormhole is a CTF level created in UDK. It was built over 10 days, and features two uniquely-themed bases.


Wormhole is a small (8-12 players) CTF level. Each team's base is themed differently, one being a Mayan temple, the other a futuristic city. The bases are connected by two portals.

More than aesthetics, splitting the level with portals allowed me to create a very obvious bottleneck. While this works similar to bridges or doors in other CTF levels, the portal adds anticipation and surprise every time a player passes through.

To offset the choke-point, a second portal is available. This secondary route is safer, and gives a good chance to flank.

The combination of these two routes creates a lot of opportunities for teamwork. A large group can charge the main route while a scout can sneak in the back and go for the flag.

Finally, the flag itself has three access points. The first two are much safer, offering a lot of cover. Unfortunately, they are also very close to the enemy spawn. The middle route is faster and offers a rocket launcher, but it is also easy to get ambushed from above.


Paper Layout (View)