Thebes is a medium sized CTF map for Team Fortress 2. It was created over 3 weeks.


Level Design - I designed and built the level from the ground up, paying special focus to the layout and core gameplay.

Environmental Art - I spent a lot of time ensuring the art and composition of the level supported the gameplay.


Thebes consists of a central bridge separating the two teams. This bridge is flanked by a sniper deck on either side. Double-jumping scouts and explosive jumping players can access each team's battlements. Players can also drop down below the bridge to access the basement, as well as a forward sniping post on the enemy yard.

There are two entrances to the main yard, one of which takes the direct route, the other following the underground water tunnel. This area also connects to the sniper deck, allowing scouts and soldiers to ambush.

My main design goal was to create a simple layout that still offered lots of choice, as well as equal opportunity for all classes. The level features a lot of routes and areas, each of which caters to a specific style of gameplay.