Tank'd is a third person arcade style tank game where the player has the unique ability to drive on walls. It was developed in four months by a team of five.


Level Design - Designed and built the final level of the game.

Game Design - Responsible for the creation of the design document. Worked closely with the team to design the core gameplay.

Environmental Art - Created a large library of assets including models, materials and particle systems. Responsible for the final lighting and post-passes on all levels.

Programming - Integrated the HUD system. Prototyped code based animation.


With the short amount of production time, I found myself working in almost every discipline at some point. This was a great opportunity to cement my role as someone who is familiar with the entire game design pipeline; from concept docs to programming to art and sound.

Once the core of the game was ready, I switched to level design. I designed and built level three, which serves as an awesome and satisfying finale to our game.

For the final level, I tried to mix up gameplay as much as possible. I designed the domes, for example, to force the player into ambushes, as well as surprise them. Similarly, the bomber boss changes up the navigation, forcing players to move (a welcome change from the previous levels).

Finally, I invested a lot of time adding compositional elements to the world, whether to direct players to the next checkpoint, or simply add impact to a vista.