Play, Create, Share with this latest chapter in the LittleBigPlanet franchise: LittleBigPlanet Karting, a fast-paced, competitive and cooperative karting adventure featuring Sackboy in 3D environments.

Developed By United Front Games.


Level Design - Designed multiple tracks and arenas to suit a variety of gameplay scenarios.

Game Design - Designed multiple new minigames and gameplay types for bonus levels. Tuned and balanced kart handling for non-traditional kart levels. Helped balance and tune core gameplay mechanics.

Scripting - Used in-editor scripting tools to create the gameplay. Included everything from simple on-track obstacles to entirely new game modes.

Environmental Art - Responsible for the dressing and lighting of post-release DLC tracks and minigames.


I began work at UFG in December of 2011 as a level designer. My job was to create a variety of race tracks and battle arenas using the in-game tool set. This process required the entire design pipeline, from paper layouts and brainstorming all the way to final scripting, balancing and tuning.

Additionally, LBPK features a wide selection of minigames. I was responsible for designing and constructing many of these, which included everything from Capture the Flag to a Side-Scroller level.

DLC Content - The goal of these levels was to show the community what was possible with the scripting system, which resulted in some of the most unique minigames imaginable. All use the in-engine scripting system to create radically different gameplay. I was also responsible for dressing and lighting these levels.