The Great Class Dash is a single-player modification for Team Fortress 2 that transforms the game into a side-scrolling platformer. Players have to switch between all nine classes to avoid the obstacles and complete the game. It features four levels and was built over four months.

Class Dash was featured on Kotaku... you can read about it HERE.


Level Design - I designed and built all four levels. This included everything from whiteboxing to optimizing.

Game Design - While the core mechanics of the game are fairly simple, a lot of work went into designing the difficulty and pacing of the game.

Scripting - The entirety of the game was scripted with the in-editor system.


Class Dash is the first full 'game' I created. It was started as part of a mapping contest, but I continued work on it and released a full version soon after.

The mechanics are quite simple, but the ability to switch between classes makes for a challenging experience.

There were a lot of challenges while creating the game, but the biggest was scripting. Relying purely on entity systems made it more complex than it could have been. Additionally, finding unique abilities for each class that fit the TF2 universe proved tricky.