Slime Venice is a small deathmatch level made for UDK in 10 days.

I built this level with a focus on player flow. By borrowing elements of king-of-the-hill and using clever pickup placement, I created cyclical flow which moves players through all parts of the level.

Paper Layout (View)

Vegas is a three-stage payload race map set in retro Las Vegas.

My goal with the level was to create a new theme that worked with the default TF2 assets. The level also gave me a chance to get more practice working with custom content.

Created for the FPSBanana rats mapping contest. Build time was 3 weeks, and shows my first time using custom meshes.

The major design challenge was working with the scale. I spent a lot of time breaking up open areas to allow chances for each class to be effective.

A port of the Team Fortress Classic map Skeeball by Timothy Taylor.

Creating this map allowed me to experiment with Source's entity system in great depth. Learning to use I/O scripting to change the fundamental gameplay eventually led to Class Dash.

Yellow Fever is a multiplayer level designed for FarCry 2.

The main design goal was to create a layout that worked well for a number of game modes. It was also important to make it stand out by looking professional and natural.

Based upon the MoH Airborne map by the same name.

By creating this level, I was able to deconstruct why I liked the original, as well as explore how professional levels are built. It also allowed me to get more practice with complex BSP work.

Created for the Interlopers ZM Mapping Contest, the build time was about two weeks. The layout is a heavy modification of another level.

As my first released map, this level introduced me to the development pipeline. I also invested a lot of time learning about optimization while building.